KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ATIXA has revamped and updated its certification offerings with revised content, streamlined schedules, more venues, and added certification training courses. ATIXA’s goal for 2020 is to offer modular training options, so that you can find more trainings, more often, and pair trainings to match your specific needs.


  • ATIXA’s four-day Title IX Coordinator Level One Certification is now a two-day Title IX Essentials training. If you only have time for a two-day training, you can start with that, and take subsequent modules later to add to your knowledge base. Or, if you come to one of ATIXA’s four annual multi-day events, you can combine Level One with any other level to get the training that is best suited to your needs and professional role.
  • Levels 2-5 of the Coordinator Certifications have been revamped and updated with refreshed topics, titles, and content.
  • Levels 1-5 of Coordinator Certification will now also be offered at ATIXA regional events. This should provide you access to Coordinator Certification locally, more frequently, and at a cost-effective price.
  • ATIXA has made Level Four (formerly Due Process) into a whole new course, Advanced Interviewing Skills and Strategies.
  • ATIXA has also created a new three-track framework for its certification trainings:


Twice a year, ATIXA hosts week-long certification events at hotels in major cities. These events draw about 500 attendees, with more than 15 expert faculty members, and offer as many as 6 simultaneous topic tracks, as well as receptions, dinners, and other networking opportunities.

Here attendees will take two (2) two-day courses, plus a one-day supplement course, for up to three certifications over the course of a week.

ATIXA hosts two annual conferences. The East Coast Annual Conference is held in Philadelphia, ATIXA’s home city, in October. ATIXA is upgrading hotels, hosting the conference at the Westin in 2020, and the Loews in 2021. ATIXA’s East Coast Conference drew 650 registrants in 2019, offering concurrent sessions, roundtable discussions, opening and closing keynotes, sponsors and exhibitors, featured speaker sessions, plus receptions, dinners, and other networking opportunities. This is a great professional development venue for members to share their learning, innovative programs, and expertise with each other.

ATIXA now also offers a full-fledged West Coast Annual Conference, the first of which in 2019 exceeded 350 registrants. The West Coast and East Coast events largely mirror each other, offering concurrent sessions, roundtable discussions, opening and closing keynotes, sponsors and exhibitors, featured speaker sessions, plus receptions, dinners, and other networking opportunities.

Wrapping either side of the conferences, ATIXA offers a variety of one- and two-day pre-conference and post-conference certification opportunities. Together with ATIXA’s two hotel events, this provides you with four hotel-based events every year.

All of ATIXA’s sixteen (16) certification courses are also available year-round at its 50 Regional Hosted Events (RHE) around the country. The RHE is your chance to attend a smaller ATIXA training (50-100 people), hosted on a campus or by a school district near to you. RHEs are priced lower than hotel events, plus, RHEs offer group pricing, giving you the ability to train larger groups very cost-effectively. ATIXA hosts RHEs in a variety of accessible locations. The RHE schedule can be found here. While RHEs tend to draw a regional attendance, they are open to registration from anyone.

New for 2020, ATIXA is able to offer the flexibility of 1-day variations of many of its 2-day RHEs, for those who can’t take two days away.

If you’re interested in hosting an ATIXA Regional Hosted Event at your higher ed institution or K-12 District, please click here. RHE hosting is a great deal because hosts can get up to ten (10) employees trained without any registration fees.

Want to have an ATIXA certification all to yourself? ATIXA provides hundreds of single-campus or school district-based certifications each year. Contact ATIXA to schedule your customized training, with an agenda and length designed specifically for the needs of your school, college, or district. Choose your preferred trainer, the topics that are most important to you, and the timing that works best. Due to popularity, we recommend booking these events at least six months in advance, so start planning your visit now.

The in-person interaction with the top experts in the field is one of the main benefits of ATIXA trainings. But, you can maintain your certification every two years with the online CCC system.

Not seeing what you need? Contact ATIXA for more details.