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So, You’re a “Recipient” Now? What Do You Need To Know Introductory Webinar:
  • Is this the first you are hearing of Title IX? What about the regulatory requirements for your school or district? ATIXA is the leader on all things Title IX and we are here to bring you up to speed. This webinar is to introduce you into Title IX requirements, compliance, and best practices. This is a free kick-off to the Training.
Title IX Basics for Independent Schools Training Recording
  • A customized training program for K-12 Civil Rights Title IX Training. We have modified our standard Certification course into a specialized learning experience training. All attendees are provided with an official document of ATIXA Course Completion and the knowledge of the field.
ATIXA’s Individual Membership
  • A three-month Individual Membership, which includes benefits such as:
    • The best source materials on Title IX
    • Access to the ATIXA listserv
    • The ATIXA resource library
    • Additional benefits can be found here

ATIXA’s Model Policy for Independent Schools

  • ATIXA Executive Team of experts and our Advisory Board has created the Model Policy for Independent Schools to reflect best practices, Title IX guidance and compliance mandates. Our Policies and Procedures have helped schools and districts as they strive to comply with Title IX and related legislation, as well as protect the safety of their communities.

Certificate of Training Completion

  • ATIXA will provide a Certificate of Training to provide upon request and a Digital Badge to show completion of the Training Course.