December 2019

Advocates Push NCAA Schools to Ban Violent Athletes

College Athletes More Likely to be Disciplined for Sex Assault

November 2019

Former UCLA Health Gynecologist’s Behavior with Patient Constituted Sexual Assault, Report Finds

Fired for Violating or Upholding Title IX Law?

ATIXA Announces New Hires

For 16 Transgender Hockey Players, a Groundbreaking Weekend

September 2019

Announcing VIIAA: The Title VII Administrators Association

A Trauma-Informed Dispute

Title IX Professionals Warn Colleges to be Wary of ‘Trauma-Informed’ Ideology

Colleges Watching as Michigan State Pays Big Fine in Scandal

Education Department Hits Michigan State with Record Fine Over Nassar Scandal

Life Inside the Title IX Pressure Cooker (with Chronicle subscription only)

August 2019

Penn Research Center Students Made to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement: ‘What is Said or Done at the Center…’

Study Finds More Than Half of Colleges ‘Facially Violate’ Title IX with Women-Only Scholarships

13-Year-Old Jazz Star; Title IX And Women-Only Scholarships

Women-Only STEM College Programs Under Attack for Male Discrimination

ATIXA Position Statement: Trauma-Informed Training and the Neurobiology of Trauma

A Potential Title IX Supreme Court Case?

ATIXA Announces an August East Coast Conference Registration Promotion: Regs Prep Toolkit

ATIXA Announces an August West Coast Conference Registration Promotion: Regs Prep Toolkit

July 2019

Purdue Ruling First in Flood of Campus Sex Assault Appeals

Lawyer Attempts First-Ever Class Action Lawsuit for College Students Accused of Sexual Assault

Lawsuit States Former Emporia Prof. says Student Falsely Accused him of Sexual Harassment

Prejudicial Police Department? An On-Campus Stalking Lawsuit Claims Campus Police were Prejudiced. 

Announcing a New and Important Event from TNG: The Campuses and the Courts Annual Conference – An Update on Higher Education Legislation & Litigation

Ex-UMBC Baseball Players are a Part of National Trend: Turning Tables on Sexual Assault Accuser in Court

ATIXA Announces a July to September, 2019 Membership Promotion

June 2019

‘Pass the Harasser’ is Higher Ed’s Worst-Kept Secret. How Can Colleges Stop Doing It?

Rhodes College Ruling Opens the Door for Due Process at Private Universities

Complaint Over Connecticut High School Athletics Transgender Policy Has Merit

Since #MeToo, Colleges Crack Down on Romantic Relationships Between Professors and Students

UCLA Failed to Warn the Public About Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Battery

ATIXA Expands Its Popular 20-Minutes-To…Trained Series

UW Finds Star Athlete’s Sexual Assault Allegation Credible, But Athletic Executive Quietly Moved On

World Cup: Elizabeth Warren Backs USWNT Equal Pay Fight

May 2019

Former Student, Fair Game?

MNPS Failed to Protect Students Despite Knowing of Sex Videos

Dragging a President Into Court

TNG Announces the Newly Redesigned Websites of ATIXA and NaBITA

April 2019

Here is What MSU Received for Paying Elite Firm $6.2 Million to Investigate 170 Sexual Assault Cases

ATIXA Announces Registration Open for the Inaugural 2019 West Coast Annual Conference

ATIXA Announces Registration Open for 2019 East Coast Annual Conference

March 2019

ATIXA Position Statement: When Sexual Harassment Definitions are in Limbo, Go Back to the Statute Itself

BC Successfully Limits Scope of $3 Million Lawsuit Jury Trial

February 2019

A Different Challenge to Fraternities

What Responsibility Does a University Have to Regulate Fraternity Culture?

Yale Students Want Girls Admitted Into Frats to Fix Toxic Sexual Culture

Ruling Affirming the Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct Roils California Colleges

Boston College Tries to Limit its Potential Liability in Title IX Due Process Trial

BC Files New Brief In $3 Million Lawsuit

January 2019

ATIXA Releases Comments on the U.S. Department of Education’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX

ATIXA Releases Brand New and Fully Revised One Policy, One Process Model Policy, the Only 2019-Ready Model Available to the Field

ATIXA and NaBITA Announce New Membership Levels

Harvard Cracks Down on All-Male Clubs. But It’s Women’s Groups That Have Vanished

December 2018

Judge OK’s ‘John Doe’ Suit: Use of a Pseudonym Allowable for Alleged Sexual Misconduct Sanctioning

November 2018

OTL: College Athletes Three Times More Likely to be Named in Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints
Conference Breakdown: Sexual Misconduct Complaints at Each Power 5 School
U.S. Department of Education Releases Proposed Title IX Rule

October 2018

#MeToo Inspires Wave of Old Misconduct Reports to Colleges
ATIXA Position Statement on Equitable Appeals Best Practices
ATIXA Position Statement on Cross-Examining the Urge to Transform College Conduct Proceedings into Courtrooms
The NCHERM Group Announces Expansion and New Staff
2nd Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Certain About Alleged Encounter, Her Lawyer Says

September 2018

The NCHERM Group and Accredible Announce a New Partnership Aimed at Furthering Systems-level Solutions for Safer Schools and Campuses
Why More Colleges Are Trying Restorative Justice in Sex-Assault Cases
NIU to Offer Title IX Coordinator, Administrator Certification Training

August 2018

Ohio State Investigation: How Title IX Could Determine Whether Urban Meyer Coaches Again
Boston College Wants to Avoid Jury Trial for Dean Telling Title IX Adjudicators How to Rule
Discredited Researcher Cited in Guidance for Title IX Administrators, Critics Say
Education Department Opens Civil Rights Inquiry Into Abuse at Ohio State
Students Accused of Sexual Assault Must be Allowed to Cross-Examine Accusers, Courts Say
A Step-by-Step Guide to Trump’s New College Sexual-Assault Policy

July 2018

ATIXA Position Statement on Consideration of Pattern Evidence in Campus Sexual Misconduct Allegations

June 2018

ATIXA Position Statement on the Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings

Students Want Due Process — With Limited Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases
One Person as ‘Prosecutor, Judge and Jury’

May 2018

After the Investigation: A Look at Sexual Assault and Title IX
Relationship Restrictions

April 2018

ATIXA announces 20 Minutes to…Trained!

March 2018

Artistic Expression or Harassment?
‘I Was in Danger’: What Happens When Students Harass Professors
The World, It Is A-Changin’: CA Supreme Court Adopts Section 40 of 3d. Restatement of Torts
Why are Law Deans not Fired after Investigations find Misconduct with the Women?
ATIXA announces the 2018 Annual Conference
When Students Harass Professors
DeVos Rewrites Rules for Civil Rights Probes

January 2018

The Nassar Investigation That Never Made Headlines
#MeTooK12: New Campaign Raises Awareness about Rights at School
When Is a President Accountable for What She Didn’t Know?
Title IX: 12 Things That Advocates and Educators Want You To Know
ATIXA Position Statement on the Proposed Legislation Entitled: Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity Through Education Reform (Prosper) Act Higher Education Act
Rio to Host Title IX Training Summit
Universities Face #MeToo Movement over Sexual Harassment

December 2017

Higher Ed Reauthorization on Campus Sexual Assaults
As More College Students Say “Me Too,” Accused Men Are Suing For Defamation
Reporting Sexual Assault On Campus Is Becoming Riskier Than Ever – Here’s Why
More Action on Harassment
California Makes Sex Trafficking Education Mandatory
Inside a Training Course for Campus Sexual-Assault Officers

November 2017

October 2017

A Very Jerry Brown Defense of Due Process
Democrats Introduce Bill That Would Turn Title IX Guidelines Into Law
ATIXA Announces Appointment of Ryan McDavis as Executive Director
What Does Title IX Training Look Like on College Campuses?

September 2017

Detailed, Annotated Summary of OCR’s “Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct”
DeVos Rescinds Obama Sex Assault Rules, Allows Schools to Choose Proof Standard Until New One in Place
ATIXA Guide to Choosing Between Preponderance of the Evidence v. Clear and Convincing Evidence
ATIXA Statement on the Rescission of Previous Title IX Guidance and Issuance of Interim Guidance
September 22, 2017 Dear Colleague Letter
September 22, 2017 Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct
Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., Pens Op-Ed on How He Sees Title IX Today

DeVos’ Long-Awaited Move on Title IX Met With Both Relief and Outrage
Pledges of Continued Vigilance
ATIXA Response to September 7, 2017 DeVos Press Conference
ATIXA Response to DeVos Press Conference

DeVos to Revamp Title IX Guidance on Sex Assaults on College Campus

The Conversation About Campus Rape is so Much Bigger than Title IX

USC Expelled a Football Star for Allegedly Abusing His Girlfriend, Even Though She Denies It Happened
A DeVos Speech on Title IX Heightens Advocates’ Fears that a Rollback is Imminent

August 2017

Sexual Harassment of Graduate Students by Faculty is a National Problem
Experts: UW-Madison Sexual Harassment Policies Could Make it Hard to Track Repeat Offenders

Behind the Curious Case of USC’s Star-Crossed Student Athletes

Federal Government Investigating Anchorage School District’s Handling of Sexual Violence Report

‘Zero-Tolerance Mind-set’

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Kicks Off Emotional Battle Over Campus Sexual Assault Rules

July 2017

ATIXA Launches a Sixth Community of Practice & Membership Category for ADA/504 Coordinators
Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look as the Accused Get DeVos’s Ear

June 2017

Amid Turmoil, ‘Trust is Faltering’ at Michigan State University
How Trump Can Undo Everything Obama did for Title IX

Yale Appeals Decision Forbidding Designation of More Gender-Neutral Bathrooms in Law Building

UA Near Top of the Title IX Head Coach Diversity Study

Tracking Athletes’ Sex Offenses

The NCHERM Group, LLC Expands West Coat Presence

Title IX Administrators Bolster Content Strategy with New Offerings

May 2017

ATIXA Position Statement on the Equitable Use of No-contact Orders
What’s Required of a Professor Who Learns of a Student’s Rape? One University Seeks a Nuanced Answer
(subscription required)
Announcing The Internet’s Free, Comprehensive Clearinghouse for All Things Title IX

Announcing a New Due Process Track from ATIXA
Announcing ATIXA 2017 Mini-Whitepaper: Is Your Hospital Meeting its Title IX Obligations?
There Is No Easy Way to Clean Up Obama’s Title IX Mess

April 2017

Expelled for sex assault, young men are filing more lawsuits to clear their names
Announcing the 2017 ATIXA/SCOPE Joint National Conference

Who’s to blame for Jeremy Faulk’s NFL draft predicament?

Announcing A New Publication From ATIXA – The ATIXA Playbook: Best Practices for the Post-Regulatory Era

March 2017

Campus Rape Victims Are Waiting Years For Title IX Complaints To Be Resolved
With Title IX’s Growing Importance, Universities Are Turning To This Denver Lawyer

February 2017

ATIXA Reissues 2015 Position Statement on Title IX, Gender Identity and Gender Expression
Universities Face Pressure to Hold the Line on Title IX

ATIXA Releases Two Position Statements in Favor of Amnesty Policies and on Colleges Addressing Sexual Violence

Obama Precedent Empowers Trump Against Campus Protest Culture
Fairness and Campus Tribunals

January 2017

ATIXA Now Offering HRCI and SHRM Credits
Anonymous Reporting and a Culture of Silence: Why So Few Hazing Reports Result in Sanctions

December 2016

Colleges Pushed to Note Sexual Misconduct on Transcripts
ATIXA Position Statement in Favor of the Safe Transfer Act

November 2016

‘Sanctuary Campuses’ Invite a Federal Standoff
To Curb Sexual Assaults, Colleges Give Students Alternative Reporting Options
(subscription required)
Will Donald Tump’s White House Be Ready to Handle the Campus Rape Debate?

Can Trump Undo Obama’s Title IX Tyranny?

Save the Dates! ATIXA and NaBITA Announce 2017 Campus-Hosted Event Schedules

Resolve to Become ATIXA-Certified in Orlando for 2017

What A Trump Presidency Could Mean For Combating Campus Rape

Fight Over the Recording of Title IX Proceedings Exposes Gaps in Law and Trust
Announcing the Appointment of Michael Henry, J.D., as a Full-Time Lead Investigator with the NCHERM Group, LLC
To Prevent Sexual Assault, Do Colleges Target Serial Offenders?

October 2016

UM Students Drop Calls for Fee Increase after University Pledges Review of Sexual Assault Office
Resident Assistants Find Themselves on the Front Lines of Title IX Compliance

University of Maryland Student Government Presses for Fee Increase to Hire Sexual Assault Investigators

After U-Md. Student Propose a New Way to Pay for Sexual-Assault Investigations, School Agrees to Hire More Staff
What a Landmark Finding in a Title IX Case Means for Colleges Wrestling With Sex Assault

ATIXA Resolution on Black Lives Matter

Expression of Support for CAPPA’s Statement on Campus Victim Advocates Serving as Campus Security Authorities

September 2016

SFA Closes Title IX Investigation into Alleged Assault
San Jose State Under Fire in Sexual Harassment Scandal

Federal Title IX Investigations Spike Across Country
College Students Go to Court over Sexual Assault

August 2016

Data Complicates Student’s Claim that Columbia is Biased Against Men in Sexual Assault Cases
Another Slap on the Wrist?
Report: Antonio Callway, Treon Harris Accuser to Skip Title IX Hearing after Gators Booster Chosen as Judge

Accuser to Boycott UF Hearing over Bias Concerns

July 2016

Researchers Challenge ‘Affirmative Consent’
It Just Happend
Educators Filled in on Social Media Policies

Creating the Right Climate Survey
Experts Say Schools Must Do More to Address Early Signs of Sexual Harassment

Why It’s Harder for Grad Students to Report Sexual Harassment

Does University of Tennessee’s ‘Model’ for Sexual Assault Reform Go Far Enough?

Settling Sex Assault Lawsuits Costs Universities Millions

June 2016

2 High-Profile Cases offer Glimpse of Future Trends in Campus Sex Assaults

May 2016

ATIXA Joins the Human Rights Campaign in its Call to Lawmakers to Reject Bills Targeting the Rights of Transgender Children
Rape Survivors Say Brigham Young’s Honor Code Kept them from Speaking Out

Attorney’s Tactic in Yale Sexual Misconduct Case Raises Questions
U.S. Department of Education and Justice Release Joint Guidance to Help Schools Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students

April 2016

Latest Critics of Trigger Warnings and Microagressions: University Professors

March 2016

This Explosive Lawsuit Could Change How Colleges Deal with Athletes Accused of Sexual Assault

February 2016

‘Jane Doe’ Pushes for Delay in UT Sex Assault Hearing
Baylor Works to Fine Tune Sexual Violence Response
A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries

How Christian Universities are Becoming a Battleground for LGBT Rights

January 2016
U.S. Lawmakers Plan to Combat Sexual Harassment by Scientists Could Get Complicated

NASA Administrator Communicates Harassment Policies to Grantees

FSU Settles Lawsuit with Woman who Accused Winston of Rape

Bernie is Wrong About Rape

U.S. Department of Education Releases Dear Colleague Letter to Educational Leaders Addressing Worldwide Refugee Crisis

December 2015

The NCHERM Group Calls Upon Allies for Action to Lift the PA Budget Impasse
The Other Side of the Sexual Assault Crisis

Supercharge Your Membership with a Premium Offer

ATIXA Launches New Communities of Practice
For Study-Abroad Offices, Sexual-Assault Cases May Be Unfamiliar Territory

November 2015

ATIXA States Position on Provisions of 5 Campus Safety Bills
ATIXA Issues Open Letter to North American Interfraternity Conference and National Panhellenic Conference

ATIXA Position Statement on the Five Campus Safety Bills Now Before Congress
Legalities, Legislation, and Initiatives Surrounding Sexual Assault on College Campuses

October 2015

New App Addresses Campus Sexual Misconduct with Gamification
Ensure Compliance with VAWA Updates

California Looks Again at Powers in Wake of Marcy Case

ATIXA: Schools Must Protect LGBT, Gender Non-Conforming Students from Harassment

ATIXA Issues Position Statement on Title IX, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

September 2015

Students Punished for Sexual Assault Should Have Transcripts Marked, Title IX Group Says
Fewer Than One-Third of Campus Sexual Cases Result In Expulsion

ATIXA Issues Position Statement in Favor of Notation of Expulsion and Suspension on College and University Transcripts

The Dirty Dozen: Twelve Risk Factors for Sexual Violence on College Campuses (DD-12)

August 2015

ATIXA Issues Letter of Support to CAPPA Leadership Council
The Crisis of Campus Sexual Violence: Critical Perspectives on Prevention and Response

Baylor, Art Briles Ignored Responsibility in Admitting Sam Ukwuachu

‘Yes Means Yes’ Laws Help Prevent Bad Behavior
The NCHERM Group/ATIXA Response to Corey Mock v. University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Judge Rules Former UTC Wrestle Accused of Rape Shouldn’t Have Been Expelled
ATIXA Issues Position Statement on the Need for Victim Advocates

June 2015

California Judge Rules UCSD Student Was Unfairly Punished for Sex Assault
USF Student Who Deleted Emails About His Sexual Assault Charge Latest to Lose in Title IX Lawsuit

Many Title IX Coordinators Are New to the Job and Juggling Many Duties
(subscription required)
Outsourced Campus Judges

ATIXA Released Updated Sex/Gender Based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Model Policy and Procedures

Another Challenge on Campus Sexual Assault: Getting Minority Students to Report

Kipnis Case Highlights Perilous Clash of Title IX and Academic Freedom

Full Court Press: Sexual Harassment Has Colleges Walking Fine Line

May 2015

This Is Where the Law Messes Up When Talking About Sexual Violence
Suits from the Accused
UCSF Let a Student Accused of Sexual Assault Finish His Classes Before Punishing Him

April 2015

Title IX Association’s New Super Member Strategy
Title IX Coordinators Required

Summary Sheet of New Guidance from OCR Released April 24th

Office for Civil Rights Issues New Guidance to Educators on Title IX

ATIXA Announces New Super Member Category

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Vassar College Filed By Student Expelled for Sexual Assault

Vassar Ruling Highlights Sex-Assault Reporting Questions

Should Students Sit on Sexual Assault Panels?

Four Charts Show What Happens to Colleges Accused of Discrimination

Frat to Pursue Legal Action Against Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report

Due Process Denied: Judge Finds Against Vassar Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Occidental Justice: The Disastrous Fallout When Drunk Sex Meets Academic Bureaucracy

Accusations of Student Harassment Leave Professors Feeling Vulnerable
(subscription required)

March 2015

Rutgers Student Criticizes University After Sexual Assault
Experts: Changing Frat Life Will be Difficult

Frats are the Problem. Could They also be the Solution?

ATIXA’s Response to “Chronicle Conversation”

Just How Private are College Students’ Campus Counseling Records
Ex-Official Accuses UT Athletics of Influencing Student Discipline

February 2015

Senate’s Revamped Sexual-Assault Bill Puts More Pressure on Colleges
Study: College Athletes are More Likely to Gang Rape

UT’s Handling of Sexual Assault Report Devastates Woman

At Several Campuses, Student Party Monitors Watch Over the Revelry
(subscription required)
Boulder Firm Takes on High-Profile Title IX Sex Assault Cases

Columbia Student: I Didn’t Rape Her

Tim Kaine, Claire McCaskill Bill Would Require Sexual Assault Education in Public High Schools

Endangering a Trust

January 2015

Why Sororities Aren’t Likely to Start Throwing Parties Anytime Soon (subscription required)
Sex, Lies and Justice: Can we reconcile the belated attention to rape on campus with due process?

CUNY: Don’t Address Students as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’

Campus Sexual Assault Report Options Q&A

Study Examines Rape, Hypermasculinity and Hostility in College Men

Harvard Law Found in Violation of Title IX for Similar Reasons to U

Huffington Post Publishes List of 94 Postsecondary Institutions that Have Pending Title IX Sexual Violence Investigations

Outlook on Administration: Campus Leadership Challenges

Seeking to Strengthen Sexual Assault Polices, Colleges Draw Fire from all Sides
(subscription required)

December 2014

Compassionate But Impartial
DCSAA Holds Title IX Workshop to Educate Administrators Responsible for Compliance

Gang Rape Allegation Puts Title IX Investigation Back in Spotlight

November 2014

UVA Consultant: College a Model for Sexual Assault Response
The NCHERM Group Statement on the University of Virginia Gang Rape Allegations

CU-Boulder Facing Title IX Lawsuit

Male Student Sues CU Over Sexual Assault Case

Reporter: Sexual Assault on Rhode Island College Campuses

The Case for Student Shields

SGA Urges UNA to Provide Gender-Neutral Restrooms

When a Student Confides a Rape, Should a Professor Have to Report It?
(Chronicle of HIgher Education, subscription only)
Princeton University Found in Violation of Title IX

OCR Concludes Investigation, New Agreement Brings Princeton into Title IX Compliance

October 2014

Making Sense of “Yes Means Yes”
Olympic Medalist Hogshead-Makar Launches Champion Women Non-Profit

For Women and Girls, the Common Core is a Step Toward Gender Equity

Pro Due Process Does Not Equate to Pro Rape

Consultants from The NCHERM Group, LLC Have Been Engaged as Expert Witnesses in Jameis Winston/FSU Lawsuit

Meet the Man Telling Colleges How to Fix Their Rape Problem

CalArts to Alleged Rape Victim: How Long was your Dress?

Final Regulations for the VAWA Amendments to the Clergy Act will be published Monday, October 20th

85 Colleges Are Now Under Federal Investigation For Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual Assault Reports Jump 61% at Top Colleges in Two Years

Everyone Hates the New App That’s Meant to Prevent Rape

Out of Compliance on Sex Assault, Out of Funding

September 2014

Records Detail U. of I. Sex-Assault Settlement (subscription required)
Confidentiality Concerns

California Tells Students ‘Only Yes Means Yes’

OCR Sexual Violence – Open Investigations

Adjuncts, Retirements and Sexual Harassment: A Survey of Campus HR Leaders

Fewer Than One-Third of Campus Sexual Assault Cases Result in Expulsion

Students of the World – The iAspire Grant Contest

Princeton is the Final Ivy Leaguer to Lower Burden of Proof for Sexual Assault

When Yes Means Yes – California Lawmakers Redefine Campus Sexual Assault

Gymnastic Coaches Out After Harassment Claim

University of Kansas Considered Community Service Too ‘Punitive’ for Rape Punishment

Colleges are Rewriting What Consent Means to Address Sexual Assault

KU Policy: Rape is Less Bad if Victim had Sex with Rapist Before

A Summary of NCHERM Group Leadership and Innovation Since 1997

Presumed Guilty – College Men Accused of Rape Say the Scales are Tipped Against Them

Kent State University Sued by U.S. Justice Department for Not Allowing Student Who Suffered Panic Attacks to Have a Dog in Her Room

Students Demand University of Kansas Stop Calling Rape ‘Nonconsensual Sex’

CU-Boulder Defends Motives in Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases

August 2014

California Passes First-Ever Bill to Define Sexual Consent on College Campuses
18 Questions to Ask About your School’s Sexual Assault Policy

An Open Letter to My Alma Mater’s Former President on College Rape

Who’s Responsibility is it to Prevent Rape?

Cottage Industry on Preventing Sexual Assault

Title IX Gets New Guidelines and New Campus Coordinator

Consultant Bridges Gap During Nine-month Vacancy in Sexual Assault Office

Men Punished in Sexual Misconduct Cases on College Campuses are Fighting Back

Erie-area Schools Ramp up Assault Prevention Efforts

July 2014

OSU Marching Band Director Controversy – Akron News Now, Radio Interview
Sexual Assault on College Campuses – WHYY Public Media, Radio Interview

Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act (S.O.S. Campus Act)

Survivor Outreach and Support Campus Act (S.O.S. Campus Act) Summary

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act – Section by Section Summary

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act (CASA): Full-Text of Proposed Legislation

Resource Center: Campus Accountability & Safety Act

The Campus Accountability & Safety Act (CASA): A One-Page Summary
Bipartisan Bill to Combat Campus Sexual Assault Announced
Response to July 28th, 2014 Buzzfeed Article about The NCHERM Group – Meet the Sexual Assault Adviser Top U.S. Colleges Have on Speed Dial

OSU Marching Band Culture and Title IX

Alleged Campus Sexual Assault Spurs Action at Hobart and William Smith

When Free Speech and Friendliness Collide, Some Colleges are Caught in the Middle

FIRE’s Pants are on Fire

The NCHERM Group to Indemnify Colleges on Sexual Misconduct Claims

College Backlash and a Difficult Balancing Act on Sex Assault

Who Should Judge Campus Cases?

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Hold Briefing on Federal Enforcement of Title IX and Sexual Harassment Law in Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools

Understand What Laws Apply When Responding to Issues Involving Animals on Campus
ATIXA Response to Why, Exactly, are Colleges so Bad at Dealing with Rape?
Why, Exactly, Are Colleges So Bad at Dealing with Rape?

20% of Colleges Flout Federal Law in Handling Sexual Assault, Report Finds

Implementation of Changes to the Clery Act made by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), DCL, July 2014
Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t – How One College Handled a Sexual Assault Complaint

Senator McCaskill: 40% of Colleges Don’t Investigate Rape

‘Wake Up Call’ on Sexual Assault – McCaskill Says Her Surveys Shows Colleges Falling Short

ATIXA Summary of Sexual Violence on Campus Report by Senator McCaskill

Sexual Violence on Campus – Survey Report from Senator Claire McCaskill

Harvard Creates New System for Combatting Sexual Harassment

Q&A with Harvard’s Title IX Officer

Campus Free-speech Limits Targeted by Lawsuits

Catholic University Student Recounts Her Struggles After Reporting a Sex Assault

Sexual Assault and Rape on U.S. College Campuses: Research Roundup

June 2014

64 Colleges Are Now Under Investigation for Their Handling of Sexual Assaults
What ‘Affirmative Consent’ Actually Means

Federal Register – Proposed Rule to the Violence Against Women Act

The Department of Education Announces a New Rule to the Clery Act
Press Release for the ATIXA/SCOPE 2014 Joint National Conference

Colleges Get New Rules on Dating Violence

In Coach Abuse Case, did Manatee Violate Title IX?

University of Oregon Rejects Professor’s Plan for Sex Assault Survey

Opening New Front in Campus-Rape Debate, Brown Student Tells Education Department His Side

More College Men are Fighting Back Against Sexual Misconduct Cases

In Coach Abuse Case, Did Manatee Violate Title IX?

Why Colleges are on the Hook for Sexual Assault

The Avon Foundation Announces the Campus Grants to Activate Bystanders to Reduce Sexual Assault, Dating Abuse and Stalking RFP

May 2014

Education Department Expands Title IX Investigations, Bringing Total to 60 Colleges
White House Releases Plan to Curb Campus Sexual Assault

Should Campuses Just Push Sexual Assault Cases to Local Police?

Brown University Faces Federal Complaint for Allowing Rapist Back on Campus

Will Title IX Crackdown Make Students Safer?

Why College Rape Victims Don’t go to the Police

Some Victims of Sex Assault are Going Public in Identifying Those They Say Raped Them
College Administrators Learning to Be Sexual Misconduct Detectives

Fighting Sexual Assault – Amid Growing National Momentum, UT-Austin Takes Steps to Protect Incoming Students

KCRW Radio Interview – The Right to Be Forgotten, Young Readers & Title IX

Overreaching on Campus Rape

‘Doing Nothing is Always the Wrong Response’ to Sexual Assault Allegations

John Hopkins Clery Complaint Filed

Should Colleges Be Ranked for Sexual Assault?

Lately, Title IX Has Made Its Presence Felt Beyond the Playing Field

The Number of Title IX Investigations is Actually Higher Than Previously Disclosed

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Skewed White House Crusade on Sexual Assault

Sex Harassment at a Seminary?

Promise Unfulfilled?

April 2014

White House PSA on Campus Sexual Assault – 1 is 2 Many
Behind Focus on College Assaults, a Steady Drumbeat by Students
Vice President Joe Biden Speaks at Event Dedicated to the Release of the Task Force Report
Investigation: 285 days of Fear and Waiting
Task Force Recommends Ways Campuses Can Curb Sexual Assault
Tufts University Disputes Feds’ Noncompliance Claim
Aggressive Push on Sex Assault
Available from ATIXA – A Rapid Response Webinar: Analyzing and Discussing the Recently Released FAQ’s from the Department of Education on the Title IX Dear Colleague Letter
Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence, Released by the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, April 2014
Vice President Biden Speaks at the Event Releasing the White House Task Force Report
Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault, Released by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, April 2014
White House to Press Colleges to Do More to Combat Rape
The Other Side of Title IX
Harvard College Faces Probe For Alleged Mishandling Of Sexual Assault Cases

U.S. Department of Education Finds Tufts University in Massachusetts in Violation of Title IX for Its Handling of Sexual Assault and Harassment Complaints
Tufts Reaffirms Commitment to Title IX Compliance
Why Every College Student Should Know the Definition of Consent
23 Columbia Students File Clery Act And Title IX & II Complaints Against University: Students Demand Right to Safety from Sexual Violence and Access to Mental Health Resources
Campus SaVE Act: 2 Viewpoints
Sex Crimes Now a Title IX Issue for Universities
Nonconsensual Sex: How Colleges Rebranded Rape
UM System Announces Hiring of The NCHERM Group, LLC to Provide Guidance to Sexual Assault and Mental Health Services Task Force
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Senator McCaskill Sends Out Unprecedented Survey About Campus Rape to Colleges
Final Language from the VAWA Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

March 2014

MU Employee Responsibilities Under Title IX Remain Unclear
ATIXA Leadership’s Visit to the White House
; Official Press Release

February 2014

Draft Regulations for Discussion at Negotiated Rulemaking Session on Changes to the Clery Act by VAWA Released
ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted in New Republic

ATIXA Advisory Board Members Receive ASCA Awards

Sexual Assault Investigations – Mapping Tool

ATIXA Announces Grant to SCOPE

Title IX Policy Statement Makes its Way onto Class Syllabi

January 2014

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted in Columbia Missourian
ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, interviewed on CNN

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted on

ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, Pens Response to President Obama

The NCHERM Group and ATIXA executive summary of the White House announcement and report
ATIXA Associate Executive Director, Daniel Swinton, interviewed by Arise America on The White House report and announcement on campus-based sexual violence
“Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action” – A Report Released by the White House Council on Women and Girls

December 2013

ATIXA Associate Executive Director, Daniel Swinton, quoted in The Courant
ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, interviewed in Campus Security Report

November 2013

More Smoke from FIRE – A Response
ATIXA Executive Director, Brett Sokolow, quoted in Politico

October 2013

The NCHERM Group Introduces Shortcut for Colleges to Easily Comply with Campus SaVE Act
ATIXA Advisory Board Member and Title IX advocate Bernice Sandler Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame

June 2013
OCR Dear Colleague Letter – Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students (June 23, 2013)
OCR Resource – Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students (June 23, 2013)
ATIXA/SCOPE Comments to the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for VAWA
Implementation of Changes Made to the Clery Act by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013

April 2013
Settlement Ends Ongoing Title IX Litigation Against Quinnipiac
Dear Colleague Letter: OCR Releases Policy Guidance on Retaliation

March 2013
Remarks by the President and Vice President at Signing of the Violence Against Women Act
Presidential Proclamation on National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

February 2013
Statement from the President & Vice President on the House Passage of the Violence Against Women Act

January 2013
Dear Colleague Letter: OCR Releases New Guidance for Providing Equal Access in Athletics to Students with Disabilities

October 2012
Xavier University Resolution Agreement, U.S. Department of Civil Rights

August 2012
After an Office of Civil Rights Investigation, Xavier University must comply with Title IX

June 2012

Bernice Sandler, Godmother of Title IX and ATIXA Advisory Board Member, and Brett Sokolow, ATIXA Executive Director, together cut a cake at the ATIXA National Conference Reception in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Title IX.
ATIXA Inaugural National Conference Announcement Press Release

May 2012
Office on Violence Against Women FY 2012 Grant Solicitation

March 2012
Westat Clery Reporting Update

February 2012
Jury orders Alabama State to pay $1 million for harassment
UC Davis to pay $1.35 million to settle Title IX claim
Letter of Support for the DCL, penned by ATIXA Advisory Board members Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Esq. and Wendy Murphy, Esq. and ATIXA Executive Director Brett A. Sokolow, Esq.

January 2012
Doe v. University of the Pacific opinion

December 2011
ATIXA Executive Director Quoted in Time Magazine’s “Penn State of Mind”
Title IX Complaint Filed with OCR Against Penn State University

November 2011
The Penn State Scandal: Why Is No One Talking About Title IX?
ATIXA Executive Director quoted in US Catholic’s “Getting through? How Catholic Colleges are responding to sexual assault”
Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence: What Must a School Do?
ATIXA profiled in The Chronicle of Higher Education (reprinted with permission of The Chronicle)
Yale and Title IX Coordinators
Inside Higher Ed Response to the Essay “An Open Letter to OCR,” by “Anonymous”
ATIXA Statement on the Penn State Sexual Abuse Scandal

October 2011
Former U. of Idaho Professor Suspected of Killing His Student Had Been Accused of Harassment
The Intersection of Free Speech and Harassment Rules

September 2011
U. of New Hampshire Bars Professor Who Exposed Himself From Working With Students
U. Redefines Sexual Misconduct
University of Richmond’s The Collegian, “Sexual Violence: The Reality”
Long Fights for Sports Equity, Even With a Law
Feds warn colleges: handle sexual assault reports properly

August 2011
University of California Davis Title IX Case

July 2011
University of Notre Dame OCR Letter
Saul Ewing, LLP Summer 2011 Newsletter (feature article on Title IX OCR DCL, p. 6)