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Supervisor Justification Letter Template

Do you want to become a member of ATIXA? Explaining the need for membership in ATIXA to your supervisor can be a time consuming process. How do you show the tremendous value that membership can provide to you, your colleagues and your institution? ATIXA has compiled a templated letter that you can use to discuss a membership in ATIXA with your supervisor! The letter below is able to be downloaded and customized for each individual prior to sending to your Supervisor.

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Super Membership

Super Membership is ATIXA’s all-inclusive VIP membership level, where access to ATIXA’s proprietary materials, models, expert panel, webinars, etc. is included at no extra charge. Super members even have included training opportunities and access worth over $12,000 in annual benefits, for one reasonable annual membership fee.

Institutional/K-12 School or District Membership

Institutional/District Membership is a great way to access discounted ATIXA membership for an unlimited number of representatives from the same college, organization, school, or school district. This membership category does not include the same level of content access as Super membership, but members can purchase supplemental materials a la carte. Those looking for all-inclusive access to ATIXA’s wealth of proprietary materials, models, publications, expert panel, webinars, etc. should consider upgrading to Super membership, which also includes membership for unlimited numbers of representatives from your organization.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is ATIXA’s most affordable membership, giving individual access to a host of valuable ATIXA resources, including our incredibly active listserv, access to the most comprehensive Title IX library in the world, weekly newsletter, case law update, member materials, and resources.


For more information on these or additional membership options, including multi-year memberships, please email us or call 610-644-7858. If you are already a member of ATIXA, please click here to obtain your complimentary R3 inclusions.