R3 Consulting







Policy and Procedure Creation and Revision

ATIXA can assist your institution/organization off-site in developing policies, assessing compliance, and revising procedures. Our consultants commonly assist with Code of Conduct Revisions, Non-Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy Development, One Policy/One Process Policy Customization, Faculty Handbook Revision, student government constitutions, service animal policies, free speech policies, disability compliance policies, and FERPA-compliance policies.

Don’t see what you need on this list? Just ask! More Here.

Title IX Case Consultation

Looking for the best of all of the services that ATIXA has to offer? Select from one of our pre-designed packages or build a custom year-long consultation package that meets your needs and your budget. More Here.



Investigation Services

TNG’s team of 15 investigators has been carefully selected from the top investigators in the field and has been trained by the foremost leaders of the field. All are ATIXA-certified investigators. Our firm has performed more than 1,000 school and college sexual misconduct and other civil rights investigations, giving our investigators deep and broad experience in all forms of discrimination allegations. More Here.


Third-Party Neutral Hearing Officer Services

TNG consultants are experienced and available to serve your school or campus as third-party neutral decision-makers in hearings on sexual misconduct, discrimination, and other conduct code violations by students or employees. Together with our hearing advisor service and our external investigation service, TNG offers a full suite of external, neutral, objective, and impartial support for your Title IX and other resolution proceedings. More Here.


Process/Hearing Advisors Services

With this service, every reporting party (complainant) can access an expert advisor irrespective of race, culture, socio-economic status, or other demographic privileges or impediments. Every responding party (respondent) can access an expert advisor irrespective of race, culture, socio-economic status, or other demographic privileges or impediments. TNG Hearing Advisors operates based on the premise that Congress is right. Everyone – every party – deserves top quality advising. More Here.


Mentorship in Professionalism and Appropriate Conduct (MPAC)

TNG has developed the Mentorship in Professionalism and Appropriate Conduct “MPAC” service as a solution to the problem of ineffective, time-wasting sensitivity training. To assure a positive MPAC, TNG’s experts custom-design one or multiple sessions to address the unique situation and dynamics of the case. The material is developed and delivered live (usually by Zoom, phone, or Skype) by one of our expert consultants in a one-on-one impactful session, fostering dialogue and ensuring understanding. More Here.