There are several membership categories that offers ATIXA services and products via a more streamlined process, as well as enables members to pay one fee for access to many of these offerings. Super and Premium Level Members have access to all of the benefits of standard Individual and Institutional/District ATIXA memberships, plus additional included products and services available only to you.

To access these membership inclusions at the Super and Premium Level, please click on your specific landing page to the right to obtain the items listed below.


  • Proposed Regulations: Steps to be Taking Now Webinar
  • California Courts Due Process Rulings Webinar
  • Adding Subusers to the Account
  • Mandated Reporter Training Videos
  • Online Training Videos
  • 20 Minutes to Trained Videos
  • Investigation in a Box Tool Kit
  • The ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model Policies
  • Extended Version of the 2018 Whitepaper
  • Listserv Access
  • Request the Hardcopy of The ATIXA Playbook
  • Member Library
    • The VAWA Brochure from ATIXA
    • The ATIXA Title IX and VAWA Sec. 304 Training Checklist (8.5 x 14 poster)
    • Weekly Newsletters
    • Job Board