ATIXA announces incentives toward upgrading your membership!

Upgrade to an Institutional or Super Membership by June 30 and receive:

As a reminder, the following substantial benefits apply to ATIXA Institutional Membership:

  • An unlimited number of individual memberships
  • Access to the best source materials and training on Title IX
  • Access to multiple Communities of Practice, including Investigator, Advocate and Prevention, K-12, Student, and ADA/504
  • Title IX Legal Updates
  • An active and pertinent professional listserv
  • The ability to access individual Community of Practice listservs
  • Weekly newsletters
  • The ATIXA VAWA Brochure Template
  • ATIXA Tip of the Week
  • Access to all versions of the ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model
  • Clery Act Annual Security Report Template Language to Comply with VAWA Section 304
  • 15% member discounts on many ATIXA events, products, and services
  • 15% member discounts on ATIXA Protocols and Resources
  • Access to the OCR Investigation Finding Letter Database
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  • Membership roster access

ATIXA Super Members have access to products and services valued at over $10,000 if purchased on an “a la carte” basis, for one low annual fee, and will have access to special events, bonus content, and enhanced direct access to the ATIXA “brain trust” of the nation’s foremost Title IX experts.  ATIXA Super Members get the following additional benefits:

For any additional information and/or to discuss this promotional offer in detail, call or email Ryan McDavis, ATIXA Executive Director at (610) 993-0229, ext. 1009 or email