One Day Civil Rights Investigator Level Four Training
Due Process

Description of the Course
Who Should Attend
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Description of Course

Due process is increasingly in the political crosshairs as colleges are facing an onslaught of legal challenges to disciplinary decisions. Now more than ever, colleges must provide fair, impartial, and thorough processes that protect the rights of all parties involved. Adding to the complexity that colleges face, due process is shifting and evolving at a rapid rate and the protections afforded to students, faculty, and staff continues to grow. Join our leading experts to learn not only what is required, but what is fair and appropriate to all parties involved in an institution’s disciplinary processes. Participants will learn why certain rights exist and, more importantly, how to create and operationalize due process at their institution. Learn about the foundations of due process, and about advanced and complex issues such as the parties’ rights regarding advisors/attorneys, bias and impartiality, questioning of and between the parties, access to case materials, and providing the parties with a right to respond to the investigation report. Presenters will focus on legal requirements, caselaw, regulatory guidance, industry standards, hearing procedures, and the wisdom of over 150 years’ collective experience the NCHERM Group’s consultants have with investigating and adjudicating misconduct on college campuses. This training is not specific to sexual misconduct or discrimination, and addresses the entire span of disciplinary issues colleges address.

In this course you will learn:

  • Legal Basis for Title IX Liability
  • Intersection of Title VII and Title IX in Investigations
  • Due Process Myopia as a Legacy of Dixon vs. Alabama
  • Title IX Era – Equity By and Through the Process
  • Overview of The Civil Rights Investigation and Grievance Model – 10 Steps
  • Title IX Coordinator Oversight
  • Standard of Proof
  • The Force, Capacity, Consent Construct
  • Basic Interview Skills

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Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for those working directly with Title IX Investigations and Sexual Misconduct Grievances. Specifically those working in this capacity in the following fields:

  • Hearing Officers
  • Hearing Panels
  • Student Conduct personnel
  • Student Affairs administrators
  • General Counsel and outside attorneys
  • Campus law enforcement

No one likes to think of themselves as needing basic training, but we generally find that our registrants self-select into trainings that are a level too high for their current understanding. Attend this training if you are either an inexperienced investigator, have not been trained before, or want to solidify your fundamentals. ATIXA expects that professional investigators will attend 2-3 of our two-day investigator courses over time to achieve full competence.

Prerequisites: None

Upcoming Training Locations

October 27th, 2019
Napa Valley, CA

How is this different from our other levels of training?

This course provides basic skills and knowledge requisite to performing Title IX investigations for both full-time and part-time investigators. It also meets the required training mandates of Title IX and VAWA Section 304. This training provides a deeper insight into investigation of stalking, intimate partner violence, complex investigation management, report writing, analysis and decision-making.