Dedicated Contact

ATIXA requires two dedicated points of contact from the host institution. These individuals will:

  • Conduct outreach to meet the minimum recruitment standards. Copy on all outreach communication.
  • Field inquiries from attendees prior to, during, and after training.
  • Remain in regular communication with ATIXA to discuss details and clarify issues.
  • From time of hosting approval, ATIXA will be in regular communication with the host. The host contact is responsible for responding promptly.
  • Create nametags for all attendees, including attendee name and institutional affiliation.
  • Have a staffed registration table all days of training. This must be staffed one half hour prior to the start of training for each day of training.
  • Create and post directional signage to training facility, restrooms, parking lots, etc.
Contact 1
Contact 2

Consecutive date sequences are required. Please provide three dates. Training days are scheduled from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. A tentative schedule- at-a-glance is outlined below:

  • 8:30AM-9:00AM: continental breakfast
  • 9:00AM-12:00PM: training
  • 12:00PM-1:00PM: lunch break
  • 1:00PM-5:00PM: training
List three preferred date sequences when your campus can host, in priority order
Course: Please list three course preferences in priority order
If you do not see a training course that you would like to host, please contact to see if additional courses may be available.

Space Requirements

The training should take place in a dedicated, contained space. Space requirements include:

  • A banquet or ballroom style room that can accommodate a minimum of 100 attendees seated classroom-style, with large front projector, screen and laptop, and head table with wireless microphone (lavaliere is preferred, though not required). A classroom that is lecture style may also be sufficient.
    • If you do not have space capacity for 100, please insert your space capacity and we will review.
  • A table with chair located on an elevated platform for speaker(s).
  • A table located outside and/or adjacent to the training room for registration and welcome. This table must be staffed between 8:00am-9:00am each day.
  • Service and consumption of meals (continental breakfast and afternoon snack) may occur in the training room or in an adjacent room.
  • ATIXA reserves the right to fill the training facility to maximum capacity (minus host attendees) so please plan accordingl
  • The training room should be equipped with a laptop, one digital projector, a screen, and a wireless microphone for the duration of the course.
  • The ability for faculty to control slides from the head table is required.
  • One power strip is required at the head table to accommodate faculty needs.
  • Free access to wireless Internet within the training facility for all attendees is encouraged but not required. If wireless Internet can be provided to attendees, please note this in your response and include network name and password.
  • A 1:1 ratio for power outlets to attendees is not a requirement, but instead helpful information for ATIXA to provide to attendees in advance.
  • A member of the A/V or technology staff should be readily available to offer assistance to course faculty as necessary.

Host institutions must provide all attendees with a continental breakfast and afternoon snack each day of training. ATIXA reserves the right to fill the training facility to maximum capacity (minus host attendees) so please budget accordingly.

Continental breakfast should include some combination of:

  • Coffee, tea, water, and juice (caffeinated and caffeine-free options)
  • Bagels, croissants, muffins, and pastries
  • Fresh fruit, yogurt, granola
  • Cereal and milk

Afternoon snack should include:

  • Beverages (caffeinated and caffeine-free options)
  • Light snack (cookies, fruit, etc.)

Host institutions are also welcome to provide attendees with a catered lunch. However, this is not a requirement. In lieu of providing lunch, host institutions must instead provide attendees with a list of local eateries, including on and off-campus establishments.

It is required that each event reach a minimum of 50 attendees. It is the responsibility of the host school to recruit outside groups to attend their training event. The host will assist in marketing and outreach to this end and copy ATIXA on all outreach correspondence.

To support our hosts in this endeavor, ATIXA will:

  • Provide examples of outreach language to host
  • Collaborate with host to plan outreach, including marketing to regional/professional listservs, social media and local associations.
  • Partner with other local schools to ask for assistance in spreading the word, etc.
  • Post the training on and list training in ATIXA newsletter

In consideration for hosting a training event the host’s registration fee is waived for up to ten campus attendees. The number of complimentary registrations received could increase based on attendance.

  • Attendees not included within the complimentary registrations, but still from the host school, may register at $300.00 per person per two-day training event, or $200.00 per person per one-day training event.
  • ATIXA reserves the right to fill the training facility to maximum capacity (less host attendees) so please budget accordingly.
  • ATIXA coordinates all aspects of registration and provides host with updates on a regular basis.
  • Host is prohibited from collecting registration forms or payment.
  • All vendor information must be provided to registrants by ATIXA directly.

Registration for a training event will close approximately seven business days prior to the start of training.

Most campus hosted training events are certification courses and qualify for credit through The NCHERM Group’s Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) Program. A full listing of current certification courses is available at More information on the CCC Program is available at

The host contact is responsible for managing a sign-in sheet to ensure certification requirements are met. The host is responsible for providing ATIXA with scanned copies of sign-in sheets within 48 hours of the end of training. CCC certificate access will be provided via email to attendees individually (template provided by ATIXA prior to training) within one week of the training’s completion. Certificates are delivered electronically within 7-10 business days of receipt of sign- in sheet.

Depending on your geographic location, attendees may have to travel to attend your training. Therefore, they may need transportation and lodging information prior to arriving to campus.

Please provide the following information regarding local transportation and lodging, including any websites that source this information.

Train Station
Hotel Lodging - Please provide 2 within walking or short driving distance to campus
Hotel Lodging - Please provide 2 within walking or short driving distance to campus

We ask that if possible, parking be free of charge for all attendees. If it is not possible to obtain free parking, please provide the discounted rate.

Host institutions must provide:  

Parking passes/permits:

  • Parking pass and/or check-in requirement information must be communicated to ATIXA prior to the training.
  • ATIXA is not responsible for knowing the number of permits or spots required by attendees.
  • Appropriate signage directing attendees from parking lot(s) to the training facility, including an annotated map that indicates parking areas and training facility.

Accommodations for Attendees with Disabilities or Special Needs

It may be necessary to offer additional assistance to attendees with disabilities. Requests for accommodation will be communicated by ATIXA. Host must be able to provide:

  • Accommodation services through your Office of Disability Services or equivalent department, including ASL interpreter services and wheelchair access to training and dining facilities.
  • Accommodations for private lactation space for any nursing mothers in attendance.

If you require a copy of ATIXA’s parent organization The NCHERM Group’s certification of insurance (COI) on file in advance of hosting the event, please inform your ATIXA contact at least 6 weeks in advance of the event. Please also include any instructions with regard to providing and delivering a copy of the certificate, such as adding the host institution as an additional insured.

Waived Registration Rate: The training event registration fee is waived for a group of up to 10 attendees from the host campus. Should you wish to send additional attendees to the training, they may register at a discounted rate of $300 per person for a two-day training or $200 per person for a one-day training. Additional complimentary registrations may be provided to host based on the success of the event.

A successful certification training course requires joint effort and collaboration by both ATIXA and the host campus.  It is responsibility of both ATIXA and the host campus to market the training to ensure a successful turnout.  Registration progress is monitored on a weekly basis and hosts are provided a status update on registration numbers.  Throughout the course of the registration process, in the months leading up to a training, ATIXA staff will be in touch with the host contact regarding a number of logistical concerns, including the viability of the event based on registrations.

  1. In the event a training does not meet minimum registration requirements as determined by ATIXA, ATIXA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the training to a mutually-agreeable date. ATIXA understands that there are costs associated with hosting a training, and that not all of those may be recouped in the event of a cancellation.  In the rare event that a training event must be cancelled due to low registration turnout, ATIXA will waive the registration fee for the host campus to send up to three of its members to a comparably-priced training even  ATIXA also has the right to reassign a faculty member up to the day of the training for any reason.
  2. In the event of an Act of God (e.g. inclement weather, destruction of facilities, illness and the like) ATIXA and the host school will in good faith, attempt to fully perform this training. However, in the event that an act of God prevents performance by either or both parties, both parties agree to make good faith efforts to reschedule the campus hosted event at a mutually acceptable later date.

If a host school decides to cancel an event within 12 weeks of the scheduled training date, the host school will be responsible for up to $1,500 of incurred travel costs. If the host school cancels the training event within four weeks of the scheduled training date, ATIXA will have to refund registrants who have already paid, and will incur significant staff costs, refund expenses, reputational damage and the loss of good will of registrants. As a result, the host school will be responsible for paying ATIXA an amount equal to the registration revenue received by ATIXA up to the date of cancellation (not to exceed $20,000), as liquidated damages for the cancellation. Cancellation of an event within 12 weeks of a training will forfeit the opportunity for said school to host a public event for up to three years.

Host site will provide:

  • Catering – Continental breakfast and afternoon snack for each day of training
  • Nametags for all participants – ATIXA staff will provide the list of participants no less than five days prior to the start of the training to a campus representative for nametag creation
  • Sign-in sheet for CCCs – Circulate sign-in sheet each day of training for registrants to validate daily attendance
  • Registration table throughout training – To greet attendees, answer questions, allowfor nametag pick up, and provide area for sign-in sheet

For Event Days:

  • Directional Signage – Hang signage for participants around campus/near the event room to assist attendees in finding the space
  • Staff – Available each day of training to staff the registration table
  • Technology – IT representative present to test all Faculty technology prior to start of each day of training and available throughout all days of training, if neede

ATIXA will provide:

  • Faculty – ATIXA will assign you a trainer upon confirmation of your event but please take note that this faculty member could change at any time.
  • Training Materials – A complete set of Title IX materials to accompany the training (in electronic form)
  • Outreach – Training event advertisement through the ATIXA website and newsletters
  • Registration – All logistics for attendee registration and payment
  • Attendee list – asign-in sheet of confirmed attendees to the host contact
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