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ATIXA Announces a New Webinar Series from TNG: Campus and the Courts

As you’ve noticed, litigation against colleges and universities is at a fever-pitch right now. At one level, it’s not a good thing that schools are being sued more often, but we always try to learn from the case law, and the upside is, we’re learning more than ever. You’ve always been able to count on TNG to translate the voice of the courts into practical advice for practitioners, and this webinar series will continue that tradition. You’ll understand the voice of the court, but also benefit from our voices on the best ways to interpret and implement, as the courts become ever more interventionist in administrative practices, policies, and procedures.

We will kick off the webinar series on April 18th, with a two-hour overview of the top cases from the previous 12 months. We’ll focus on the leading decisions affecting student conduct, due process, Title IX, ADA/504, behavioral intervention, and free speech. This webinar will be presented by the four TNG partners, W. Scott Lewis, J.D., Saundra K. Schuster, J.D., Brett A. Sokolow, J.D., and Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D. The webinar will afford live Q&A with the presenters, and as always, if there are questions we don’t get to during the allotted time, we will respond to them by email after the event, and share those responses with all registrants. That’s one of the benefits of live attendance, but you’ll also be able to order this webinar as a recording afterward, for your use and reference. All live webinar attendees also get a copy of the recording for future reference, along with the slides used during the event. A written case law summary of all the cases featured in the webinar will also be available for purchase.

Following on the introductory webinar, TNG will host a series of four, hour-long webinars approximately every two weeks that take a deeper dive into the cases than we could cover in the initial two-hour webinar. These webinars will be topical. Times, dates, topics, and presenters for each of the four are listed below:


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ATIXA Releases Position Statement: When Sexual Harassment Definitions Are In Limbo, Go Back To The Statute Itself

ATIXA issues this position statement to discuss how Title IX is a statute prohibiting only one thing: discrimination on the basis of sex in federally-funded educational programs. It doesn’t prohibit sexual harassment, or sexual violence, or athletics inequity, or stalking, or intimate partner violence, or even bullying, unless those actions deny access to or participation in a federally-funded educational program on the basis of sex, at which point they become conduct prohibited by the statute. Considered conversely, Title IX guarantees access to federally-funded educational programs on the basis of sex. If a person within a federally-funded educational program is not experiencing a limitation in participation or denial of access, benefits, or opportunities on the basis of sex, Title IX does not apply. Your conduct policies might apply. Your sexual misconduct policy might apply. But Title IX does not.

ATIXA has also released a flowchart designed to Assess Potential Sex Discrimination. Click here to view the flowchart and read the full statement from ATIXA.
Read the official press release here.

ATIXA Announces a New Webinar “Recent Due Process Rulings by the California Courts: What Do California Colleges and Universities Need to Know and Do?”

The state courts of California are sending a set of very clear messages about due process. Seven recent rulings. Seven losses for colleges and universities. Who is helping put a stop to this litigation madness?

The writ of administrative mandate? Have you heard of it? The lawyers suing California public and private colleges have, and they’ve leveraged a string of seven lawsuits by John Doe (he is ofthe infamous Does, the most litigious family in America) to hold CA colleges liable for due process failures, in sexual misconduct proceedings. The single investigator model can’t meet the requirements of the APA in California. Moreover, even formal hearing systems are being shot down by the courts. Cross-examination is now an expectation. You need to update your process before the next lawsuit does it for you.

In this 75-minute webinar hosted by Title IX expert and LA resident Brett A. Sokolow, J.D., Brett shares a review of the key cases that are currently reshaping due process for public and private colleges and universities in California. Click here to be directed to more information and to obtain a recording. ATIXA Super and Premium Members, please visit your landing pages to obtain a code to register online free of charge. $199 for all other ATIXA Members, $299 for non-ATIXA Members.

ATIXA Announces a New Webinar “Proposed Regulations, Steps To Be Taking Now”

Are you feeling like you’re caught in Title IX limbo? If so, you’re in good company. And, that feeling is not unreasonable. The courts are in an activist mode, and it seems they are changing sexual misconduct procedural protections every week now. We’re working under a 2017 OCR Interim Guide that just about everyone seems to be ignoring. Venerable 2011 and 2014 OCR guidance is gone. Proposed new regulations saw 105,874 comments (mostly disapproving of the proposed changes), and their future hangs in the balance of a political process, a national election, and seemingly endless potential litigation. Against this crazy backdrop, what is a conscientious Title IX administrator to do?

Well, as a step in the right direction, attend this webinar. Let’s try to figure this thing out together, as a community. The recording will be available shortly. ATIXA Super and Premium Members, please visit your landing pages to obtain a code to register online free fo charge.  $249 for all other ATIXA Members, $349 for non-ATIXA Members.

ATIXA Releases Comments on the U.S. Department of Education’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX

The Association of Title IX Administrators’ (ATIXA’s) Comments on the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Regulations Implementing Title IX (Title IX NPRM) are now available here. ATIXA’s Board of Advisors and 3,000 members collaborated with ATIXA’s Leadership to produce this document. ATIXA encourages its members and fellow Title IX practitioners to review and use these comments as a template for individual additional comments. For more information on submitting comments, please visit here. ATIXA’s comments will be submitted to the Department of Education by Wednesday, January 30th, at 5:00pm Eastern time.

The ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model

The ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model for Civil Rights Equity Resolution for all Faculty, Students and Employees

The brand new and fully revised ATIXA “One Policy, One Process” (1P1P) model is state-of-the-art and hot-off-the-presses. With versions for colleges/universities and PK-12, 1P1P is designed by leading experts to reflect best practices and industry standards while also ensuring compliance with upcoming 2019 Office for Civil Rights Title IX regulations.

1P1P is included with membership for Individual Premium, Institutional Premium and Super Membership levels. This is the only 2019-ready model that is available to the field.

If you are not yet an ATIXA member, join today for access to this invaluable resource. If you are an ATIXA member, explore our new Premium and Super Member options to get the most value for your membership.

ATIXA Introduces New Premium and Super Membership Levels

ATIXA is proud to create more inclusive membership levels that include products and services previously only available a la carte. Community of Practice, Individual, and Institutional Membership Levels will continue to be available at the same price point as in the past. Slotting above the Individual and Institutional membership categories, and below the all-inclusive Super Membership, we have added the Individual Premium ($999) and Institutional Premium ($2,999) levels of membership to enhance the ATIXA experience. These membership categories provide exceptional value at a modestly higher price point.  Premium membership categories feature all Individual and Institutional inclusions in addition to the below:

With only a modest increase in price, Premium Memberships provide over 4x the value of purchasing the incuded “must have” resources from ATIXA separately.

 ATIXA also announces an expanded Super Membership ($4,999) Category that now includes the following resources and services with no increase in cost:

  • All Institutional Premium Membership Category Inclusions, plus:
  • The ATIXA MaxStack (for Maxient users)
  • Unlimited access to the ATIXA Mandated Reporter Online Training modules for employees
  • Unlimited access to annual ATIXA-sponsored Online Trainings
  • One team registration (up to 7 individuals) to an ATIXA Campus Hosted Event during membership period
  • Two complimentary Final-Eyes Plus investigation report reviews
  • Super Member socials at the ATIXA Annual Conference/Regional Conference and Certification Events
  • Access to all 13 (soon to be 25!) 20-Minutes-to…Trained Online Training topics
  • Two annual Q & A based webinars with TNG Partners
  • All ATIXA certification event training materials (Investigator Levels 1-4; Coordinator 1-5; OCR-Compliance 2019; Section 504; Hearing Office Certification, etc.)

*All membership categories will include a 20% discount on ATIXA Annual Conference or ATIXA Regional Conference registrations at the time of membership purchase.

Read the official press release here.


Godmother of Title IX and ATIXA Emeritus Advisory Board Member, Dr. Bernice “Bunny” Sandler passes away at 90

ATIXA Leadership are saddened to share news of the passing of Bernice Sandler last weekend. She was completely true to her principles. She was so enchanted with ATIXA’s mission that she agreed to serve on the Board, and she generously donated volumes of her models, policies, and templates to help ATIXA build out our member library when we did not have the resources to pay for them. Bunny was actually the mother of the Title IX Coordinator idea and role. It was her suggestion to add the role to the original regulations. We have an association and many of you hold your positions because of Bunny’s brilliance and foresight.

Dr. Sandler is survived by her daughters, Deborah Sandler and Emily Sanders, and three grandchildren. The family plans to hold a memorial celebration in Washington, D.C., later this year. Contributions in memory of Dr. Sandler may be sent to the National Women’s Law Center, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, or the American Civil Liberties Union.

Ms. Magazine featured a more detailed tribute authored collectively by Bunny’s family and friends.

ATIXA Releases Position Statement on Equitable Appeals Best Practices

In light of the Office for Civil Rights’ 2017 interim guidance document and the leaked draft Title IX regulations, ATIXA issues this position statement supporting equitable appeal rights for the parties to campus and school sexual misconduct resolutions and other allegations of discrimination.

Click here to read the full statement from ATIXA.
Read the official press release here.

ATIXA Releases Position Statement on Cross-Examining the Urge to Transform College Conduct Proceedings Into Courtrooms

ATIXA issues this position statement to encourage these courts to reassess their due process demands, and to similarly encourage other courts to avoid sliding down a slippery slope that will turn college hearings into quasi-criminal courts. Requiring direct, live cross-examination is antithetical to the administrative and educational nature of college disciplinary proceedings. It is also unnecessary and of unknown efficacy. While the Sixth Circuit has referenced the Wigmore quote that “cross-examination is beyond any doubt the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth,” Wigmore made this pronouncement in reference to the 6thAmendment right to confrontation in criminal proceedings, not in the context of campus disciplinary proceedings.

Click here to read the full statement from ATIXA.
Read the official press release here.

ATIXA Releases Position Statement on Consideration of Pattern Evidence in Campus Sexual Misconduct Allegations

ATIXA issues this position statement to provide guidance to our members on the consideration of pattern evidence in sexual misconduct investigations and resolutions. Contradictory research, recent court opinions, and common questions regarding the existence and admission of pattern evidence suggest a need for clearer guidance for the field. 

Click here to read the full statement from ATIXA.
Read the official press release.

ATIXA Releases Position Statement on the Free Speech Rights of Individuals Involved in Sexual Misconduct Proceedings

ATIXA issues this position statement to express its significant concerns regarding the inappropriate practice by colleges and universities of either explicitly or implicitly silencing parties – and their advisors – involved in campus sexual misconduct proceedings. Through our leadership in the field, we have witnessed a continued use of gag orders and related policy provisions that seek to silence these individuals. This practice is troubling because it fails to respect the free speech rights of the parties and their advisors and runs contrary to regulations and guidance put forth by both the U.S. Department of Education (ED) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 

Click here to read the full statement from ATIXA.
Read the official press release.

Now Available: 20 Minutes to…Trained

You’ve come to rely on ATIXA for Title IX training and certification, but what about your requirement to train your hearing panels, administrators, and appeals officers? ATIXA has heard your requests, and now offers a web-based video training series to meet your training needs. 20 Minutes to…Trained is designed to meet (and exceed!) all hearing-related training requirements for Title IX and VAWA Section 304.

20 Minutes to…Trained is a series of thirteen video segments that all average 20 minutes in length, give or take. This gives you the ability to plan modular trainings based on the topics you want to prioritize, or to allow trainees to take all thirteen topics over time, but in bite-size chucks of easily attained and retained information.

By popular demand, ATIXA has released one-minute preview clips of each of the thirteen 20 Minutes to…Trained modules. Feel free to stream the clips here to get a feel for the format, style, and content of this series.

Read the full press release here.

The 2018 ATIXA Whitepaper: The ATIXA Guide to Sanctioning Student Sexual Misconduct Violations

ATIXA has released the 2018 Whitepaper, The ATIXA Guide to Sanctioning Student Sexual Misconduct Violations

This guide offers ATIXA’s best thinking on sanctioning for the range of offenses covered by Title IX and VAWA §304. While sanctioning is ultimately the province of each school or college, guidelines and sanctioning ranges like those offered in this guide can help schools and colleges to benchmark their sanctions against the field, better understand industry standards for sanctioning, and ensure that consistency and proportionality guide sanction decision-making.

Read ATIXA’s 2018 Whitepaper.

ATIXA Now Offering HRCI and SHRM Credits

ATIXA’s 2019 Certification Courses are Pre-Approved for Human Resources Professionals’ Needs

HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) has pre-approved ATIXA’s certification courses for General HR recertification credit hours. HR professionals requiring recertification credit hours will receive the activity ID upon completion of the event.

The use of the seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that these programs have met the HR Certification Institute’s guidelines to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

ATIXA is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP.

Register today to take advantage of this opportunity for continued professional growth and development.

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ATIXA provides a professional association for school and college Title IX Coordinators and administrators who are interested in serving their districts and campuses more effectively. Since 1972, Title IX has proved to be an increasingly powerful leveling tool, helping to advance gender equity in schools and colleges.

Title IX

Title IX’s benefits can be found in promoting equity in academic and athletics programs, preventing hostile environments on the basis of sex, prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual violence, protecting from retaliation and remedying the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination.

Every school district and college in the United States is required to have a Title IX Coordinator who oversees implementation, training and compliance with Title IX. ATIXA brings campus and district Title IX Coordinators and administrators into professional collaboration to explore best practices, share resources and advance the worthy goal of gender equity in education.