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Gender equity is an inherent good, providing equal access to educational benefits and opportunities. Title IX is a critical tool for advancing the goal of equity, and meaningful compliance furthers that goal. By joining and participating in ATIXA, you will become a better Title IX Coordinator, administrator and/or ally. You’ll acquire tools that help to advance your institution, motivate change and implement best practices. That’s motivation enough, but if you need more, consider the risk management value of the rich trove of model policies, compliance tips, training guides and myriad other compliance tools available from ATIXA and its members. You should know that OCR is cracking down on enforcement. Random audits are on the rise. The courts have made their voices clear, from Gebser to Fitzgerald, with notable stops at Davis, Jackson, Williams, Jennings, Simpson, McGrath and many others in between. Litigants are prevailing in these cases far more often than the schools and colleges they are suing. Title IX is fertile litigation territory, and institutional and personal liability are real, and very often, uninsurable.

Compliance is a best practice, but it’s also an essential practice. Joining ATIXA will put you in the best possible position to meet, and even exceed, the compliance mandates of the courts and OCR.


Join ATIXA TodayATIXA Individual membership is currently $599 per person annually. For $1,499, a person may join ATIXA with a three-year Individual Membership. The 15% discount on many of ATIXA’s events and products is extended to only the Individual associated with the membership.

ATIXA Institutional/District Membership is currently available for $2,499 per K-12 School District or post-secondary Institution/Campus. For $6,250, an Institution/Campus may join ATIXA with a three-year Institutional Membership. This level of membership permits an unlimited number of members from the same school, district, college or university. In addition, the 15% discount on many of ATIXA’s events and products will be extended to any member of this school, district, college or university.

ATIXA membership works on a rolling membership year, starting on the day you join, and expiring one year later. We’ll contact you with renewal reminders to ensure that your membership does not lapse.

ATIXA Charter Memberships have been designed for those individuals and institutions joining ATIXA early in its tenure. As of March 28th, 2014, ATIXA has phased out the purchase of the Charter membership levels. Current Charter Members will remain at that level; upon renewal, Charter membership levels and price points will no longer be available. 

Contact the ATIXA office for details at 610-644-7858 or


  • Access to the best source materials and training on Title IX
  • Title IX Legal Updates
  • An active and pertinent professional listserv
  • Weekly newsletters
  • ATIXA Tip of the Week
  • An annual conference*
  • The ATIXA Title IX Coordinator Training & Certification Course*
  • The ATIXA Title IX Investigator Training & Certification Course*
  • Advanced Coordinator & Investigator Training Opportunities*
  • Annual Certification Update Opportunities (seminars & webinars)*
  • The ATIXA Blog
  • 15% member discounts on many ATIXA events
  • Access to the OCR Investigation Finding Letter Database
  • Access to Partner and Sponsor organization resources and discounts
  • Access to the most comprehensive online Title IX library available
  • Membership roster access

*Additional registration fees apply

All membership registrations are non-refundable. Memberships are transferrable at any time and can be done by contacting ATIXA directly. Event registrations are refundable or partially refundable according to the specific refund policy applicable to that event. See event description for more details.

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