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Our Mission

ATIXA provides a professional association for school and college Title IX Coordinators and administrators who are interested in serving their districts and campuses more effectively. Since 1972, Title IX has proved to be an increasingly powerful leveling tool, helping to advance gender equity in schools and colleges.

Title IX

Title IX’s benefits can be found in promoting equity in academic and athletics programs, preventing hostile environments on the basis of sex, prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual violence, protecting from retaliation and remedying the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination.

Every school district and college in the United States is required to have a Title IX Coordinator who oversees implementation, training and compliance with Title IX. ATIXA brings campus and district Title IX Coordinators and administrators into professional collaboration to explore best practices, share resources and advance the worthy goal of gender equity in education.

ATIXA Model Policy Updated to Reflect New

Campus SaVE Provisions 

ATIXA is distributing freely and publicly its transformative Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Model Policy, newly updated to reflect Campus SaVE Provisions. This policy has helped hundreds of campuses as they strive to comply with Title IX and related legislation, as well as protect the safety of their communities. Let it help yours.

Access the Model Policy as a PDF here and as a Word document here.

Announcing the 2014 Whitepaper: Equity

is Such a Lonely Word

Co-published by The NCHERM Group and ATIXA, this Whitepaper will be a practical guide to realizing full equity. We may give lip service on our campuses to being communities of inclusion, diversity and social justice, but without real equity, we don’t walk our talk.

ATIXA Leadership Invited to the White House

Click here to read ATIXA Leadership’s takeaways from their visit to the White House. Click here to read the official

ATIXA Issues Dear President Letter

Click here to read Executive Director, Brett A. Sokolow, Esq. respond to President Obama’s creation of a task force on campus-based sexual violence. Click here to view the official press release.

The NCHERM Group and ATIXA Issue

Executive Summary

Click here to read more about the campus-based elements in The White House announcement and report, “Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action.”


Mandated Reporting of Sexual Misconduct by Campus Employees 

A New Online Training Tool from ATIXA & The NCHERM Group, LLC

ATIXA has designed an online, comprehensive training tool to inform employees about their duty to report sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and other behaviors that fall under Title IX.  This training can be used in large groups or individually, and is appropriate for all employees, including staff, administrators and faculty. Visit our website to learn more.


The ATIXA One Policy, One Process Model

The ATIXA Model Policy and Procedure for Civil Rights Equity Grievance Resolution for all Faculty, Students and Employees

ATIXA has developed an approach called the One Policy, One Process Model permitting all discrimination complaints (age, race, sex, gender, nationality, etc.) to be resolved using one institution-wide policy, and one stand-alone resolution process, applied to all complaints involving faculty, students and staff. Visit our website to learn more.